2019 Winners


Congratulations to 2019 Winners

2019 Elk Creek Combined Driving Event 

Recognized by the American Driving Society


Intermediate IIFour-In-Hand Horse

James Fairclough

Intermediate IIPair Horse

Chet Halka

Intermediate Horse Tandem

Lisa Stroud

Intermediate Single Horse

Henry Tarryk

Intermediate Single Pony

Gloria Ripperton

Preliminary Pony Four-In-Hand Pony

Beverly Patrick

Preliminary Pair Pony

Megan Fullgraf

Preliminary Single Pony

Debbie Hartman

Preliminary Pair Horse

Jennifer Ann Coyle Johnson

Preliminary Four-In-Hand Horse

Paul Maye

Preliminary Single Horse

Kim Stover

Training Single Horse

Brooke Tadlock

Training Single Pony

Laura DeFazio

Training Single VSE

Kathryn Meyer



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